About the artist

Harriet Watson b. 1994

(Indianapolis, IN) draws inspiration from being adopted and growing up in a small rural community. She grew a passion for non- conformity and a rejection of societal expectations for biracial females. After spending two years at Ohio Wesleyan University studying art and psychology, and nearly two years at Herron School of Art and Design, she finished her degree at Indiana University, Bloomington, with a BA in psychology in 2020.

Harriet Watson's artistic journey unfolds as a testament to evolution and exploration. Initially rooted in self-portraiture and the exploration of her identity as a black woman, Watson's practice has now shifted towards abstraction and drawing inspiration from external sources. This shift reflects a broader creative direction where personal expression takes a backseat to the exploration of broader themes and inspirations.

Watson's creative process is characterized by a meticulous approach to documenting brushstrokes and experimenting with various materials. A pivotal moment came when she improvised with a Vogue magazine as a palette, discovering unexpected beauty in its accidental marks and dried paint. This serendipitous discovery sparked a fascination with sustainability in art, leading her to explore the reuse of materials and finding meaning in what others may discard.

Embracing intuition and spontaneity, Watson navigates the balance between control and letting go in her work. Her art invites viewers to contemplate themes of creativity, sustainability, and the transformative power of unconventional materials. Through her ongoing exploration, Harriet Watson continues to push boundaries and redefine her artistic expression, inviting audiences to engage with the complexities of identity, inspiration, and the evolving role of art in contemporary society.